Use Case: Simple & Secure Document Exchange

Simple Document Exchange

Eliminate the overhead of account provisioning & management in distributing documents to third-parties. FolderGrid makes available simple secure web links for collecting documents from outside your organization with a hypersecure document "DropZone". Every transaction is protected by industry-standard TLS encryption during transport and secured documents are encrypted using 256-bit AES. Updates from clients and other external participants are all versioned automatically - supporting a transparent view of the collaboration process and audit trails keep track of activity allowing you to track participation at all levels.

Secure Document Exchange

FolderGrid helps you quickly and securely exchange critical transactional information with clients and partners outside of your organization without the need to provision new accounts or login credentials. Our secure document exchange features apply medical-grade security and compliant controls to offer a solution far superior to traditional FTP services or email-based exchange.

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