Use Case: Compliant Enterprise File Secure Sync & Store

Collaborate with Common Files

Project teams are able to create files, store them, enable transfer and access among users. Using an easy-to-use web-based interface, users are able to upload files and manage them in a simple directory format. Access is also available through FTP, and organizations rest assured relying upon our file-level encryption and HIPAA-compliant security built atop PCI compliant cloud storage provided by Amazon AWS.

Folder Synchronization

Access to the cloud is not always guaranteed and at times, due to the user’s internet access, may be slow. With FolderSync, user files can be automatically synchronized between the shared cloud and any personal workstation, keeping files accessible and maintaining version control.

Open API – White/Private Labeling

FolderGrid provides an open-source reference implementation client but was designed from the ground up to be a resource for developers and service providers. Our RESTful API comes with robust documentation and support, and is the best way to access FolderGrid’s features. Supporting a fully open API also means that customers are never locked in to our service - it is easy to migrate data into and out of FolderGrid. Enterprises that want to customize the user interface or integrate FolderGrid as an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) into an overall solution can do so. This provides the maximum level of flexibility for an enterprise IT group that requires high degree of control of the service while retaining targeted branding.

Our Contracts with You

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