Use Case: Automatic Auditing & Versioning

Comprehensive Audit Trails

All activities on FolderGrid are via authenticated users, and our auditing system keeps track of every time a file is viewed or edited. Administrators can create groups of users and set permissions at the group or individual level.

Automatic Versioning

FolderGrid automatically retains and versions each update to any file and fully supports easy retrieval of any prior version. Administrators can set global file retention parameters to ensure files are always recoverable - even after a user initiated delete.

Auditing & Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)

FERPA is the keystone federal privacy law for educational institutions and imposes confidentiality requirements around student educational records. FolderGrid's comprehensive auditing support assists in efforts to abide by FERPA regulations which prohibit institutions from disclosing "personally identifiable education information" such as grades or financial aid information without the student's written permission.

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