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Securing your data is about more than just using state-of-the-art encryption methods and military-grade storage facilities. The majority of data breaches are not the result of outside intrusion. Rather, data is most commonly exposed as a result of being on the move (being shared or transported), accidentally exposed, or stolen from the inside.

All three of these categories of breaches can be avoided by fine-grained, robust permissioning.

File-Level Permissioning

Our FolderGrid Appliance offers an enhanced permissioning system that allows administrators to control access (Read, Write, and/or Delete) at the file level in addition to the folder level. This is a marked improvement over other cloud storage providers, and is a key tool for preventing and deterring data loss.

Comprehensive Audit Trails

The FolderGrid Appliance restricts access to authenticated users, and our auditing system keeps track of every time a file is viewed or edited. Administrators can create groups of users and set permissions at the group or individual level.

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