Do you store and share sensitive files?

In 2015, businesses unintentionally exposed over 169 million unencrypted records1. Beyond the reputational harm associated with these breaches, entities are increasingly liable for any damages they might cause customers.

Using our FolderGrid Appliance to store and share your files is about more than convenience, reliability, and access. Storing your data using state-of-the-art encryption methods is no longer a choice or a luxury. It is a responsibility to your customers, your employees, and your business.

HIPAA-compliant File Sharing

The FolderGrid Appliance secures your files using state of the art encryption methods. All uploaded content is run through a streaming 256-bit AES cipher. The appliance encrypts each file with a unique key and initialization vector (IV) allowing it to securely process your uploads one packet at a time in-flight prior to storing at rest.

When deciding how to store your sensitive files, keep in mind that the average data breach in 2014 exposed over 109,000 records1.

Encrypted File Storage & Backup

Our appliance's architecture supports the protection and encryption of your data from the moment it leaves your device until the moment it arrives again. Your files are never fully reassembled as they travel through the appliance's encryption grid and transferred to storage at rest.

1ID Theft Center 2015 Report Summary

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