Use Case: Compliant Disaster & Recovery Offsite Backup

Compliant Offsite Transport

Your Disaster & Recover system must be capable of transporting your data to the remote DR site without violating HIPAA requirements for privacy and security. Our architecture ensures that your data is protected and encrypted from the moment it leaves your device. Your sensitive documents and mission critical backups are transported through our appliance's encryption grid and then redundantly persisted in encrypted form on your configured cloud storage (Amazon S3, Azure, or local partitions). In this way the FolderGrid Appliance supports compliant transport to offsite storage for your disaster & recovery needs.

Durability, Consistent, and High Availability

You must ensure your ability to restore operations after a significant operational event at your primary facility. Our appliance's secured file storage service wraps the unmatched durability and consistency of Amazon AWS's S3 or Azure's cloud storage with a compliance layer supporting HIPAA compliant security, auditing, and authorization features. The servers your files reside on are designed to provide extraordinarily high levels of durability and availability of objects over a given year. In this way FolderGrid supports your need to leverage a highly available and durable disaster & recovery storage solution.

Backup Software Compatibility

FolderGrid Appliance is backup software agnostic and fully supports any system capable of writing to general system storage. Advanced users may prefer to write custom clients or command line scripts against our API for storing individual archives. For larger batch jobs or integration with enterprise backup software ( Symantec Backup Exec, HP Data Protector, Acronis True Image, Bacula) we recommend installation of our Mapped Drive interface. Once installed, our Mapped Drive interface exposes your FolderGrid storage as a local disk. Simply point your enterprise backup software at the local disk and seamlessly encrypt your backups onto offsite storage with the FolderGrid Appliance.

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