A file server in the cloud where security comes first

FolderGrid Appliance security has been designed to meet the rigorous requirements that the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality mandates for the highly sensitive data stored by Patient Safety Organizations. We are pleased to deliver PSO-grade file security with a convenient and reliable cloud service.

Your files are automatically encrypted & secured

Our FolderGrid Appliance leverages robust cloud infrastructure for durability, uptime, and redundancy to provide a reliable cloud storage and cloud backup with no size limitations. We add HIPAA compliant encryption, auditing, and permissioning to PCI compliant cloud storage provisioned by Amazon AWS & Microsoft Azure.

Centrally control & audit access to every file

Our FolderGrid Appliance supports fine-grained permissioning so that administrators have complete control over access to sensitive files. Our auditing system logs all file activity and access. We support secure & compliant file sharing with named users as well as non-users.

An open API for storing
and sharing files securely

Our FolderGrid Appliance provides an open RESTful API for providing HIPAA-compliant file storage and sharing provisioned on top of PCI compliant cloud storage provided by Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure.
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