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Account Administrator

Every account has one and only one Account Administrator established during initial Account signup. The Account Administrator is the only user able to access and update the Account billing information, cancel the entire Account, and perform other operations such as creating additional Domains under the Account.


An Account in FolderGrid represents the entity capable of binding itself to the FolderGrid End User Agreement and remitting payment for the FolderGrid service. The user created during the initial signup for the FolderGrid service acts as the FolderGrid Account Administrator and is the only user capable of updating the billing information for that Account or creating additional Domains for the Account.

Domain Administrator

Every account has one or more Domain Administrators capable of configuring the Domain. Any user who is made a member of the “Administrators” group is considered a Domain Administrator with full access to and control of all content on the Domain along with the ability to manage Users and Groups.

Domain Unique Identifier (DUID)

Domain Unique ID (DUID for short) is a permanent identifier for each of the folders in your domain. It remains unchanged even if the folder itself is renamed or moved.

DUIDs allow you to create permanent links to a specific folder that will not break even if your content is reorganized. They also allow you to more easily communicate the location of your secured files. Instead of spelling out the entire path to a specific folder through a series of folder name - you can simply reference a direct link to that folder by utilizing the DUID.


A Domain is a distinct virtualized file server with an independent set of Files, Folders, and Users & Groups. An Account is initially allocated a single Domain but the Account Administrator can optionally create additional Domains to provision completely independent virtualized file servers.


Your account will be charged a nominal recurring fee for the maintenance of each additional Domain associated with your account.


A Group identifies a collection of users for the purpose of assigning permissions to folders and files. Every domain includes two system defined groups:

  1. Administrators : all members of the Administrators group are “Domain Administrators”
  2. All Users : all credentialed users under a Domain belong to this group automatically

In addition to these, Domain Administrators can create any number of custom named Groups.


A User is simply any actor (human or program) with a designated set of credentials for Sign In to a Domain.